Welcome Dr. Chouhan!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Surbhi Chouhan to the lab! Dr. Chouhan comes to the Nanes lab from Washington University, bringing her expertise in kinase signaling and cancer biology.

June 2024

We're looking for a postdoc!

Join our team! A postdoctoral training position is available in the Nanes Laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical Center to drive cutting-edge research advancing our understanding of the cytoskeleton and skin biology. Areas of particular interest include wound healing, epithelial to mesenchymal transition, epithelial specialization, and inherited skin diseases caused by mutations in cytoskeleton genes. More information here.

February 2024

Preprint: Keratin isoforms tune motility in wound healing

During skin wound healing, the keratin isoform mixture shifts. We find that expression of wound-associated keratin isoforms plays a novel functional role, anchoring a signaling complex to modulate a kinase regulatory cascade. Read more here.

September 2023

Lab opening

The Nanes Lab is opening this Fall in the Department of Dermatology and the Green Center for Systems Biology at UT Southwestern! We will be recruiting talented scientists with an interest in molecular cell biology, tissue engineering, quantitative microscopy, skin biology, and related fields. Be on the lookout for official job postings soon, and please email the PI with any inquiries.

September 2023